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HANDBOOK of Practices and Procedures

Friends Meeting of Washington

of the Religious Society of Friends

2111 Decatur Place NW

Washington, DC 20008-1912

This Handbook has recently been updated. Please contact the FMW Office with any questions. To download a .pdf copy of the Handbook, click this link: 

The Friends Meeting of Washington Handbook


This Handbook is intended to supplement Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s Faith and Practice, presenting who does what and the commonly accepted ways of doing things to carry out the purposes and corporate leadings of the Meeting. “Tested and established practices in a religious society are as important as are good habits for an individual.... A religious group which has a definite character and yet is open to new incursions of Truth is in a better position than one which stresses outworn traditions or one which so neglects the wisdom of the past embodied in inherited custom as to have become like a man without a memory.” Howard H. Brinton, Guide to Quaker Practice (1946 and 2006)