FMW Minute on the Conflict in Israel/Palestine, November 2023

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Friends Meeting of Washington
Minute on the Conflict in Israel/Palestine
November 19, 2023

We are heartbroken by the terror, violence and devastation unfolding in Israel/Palestine. 

We reaffirm the declaration of the first generation of Quakers in 1660: “We utterly deny all outward wars and strife and fightings with outward weapons, for any end, or under any pretense whatsoever; and this is our testimony to the whole world.”

We believe in the sacred worth of each human being and unite with the calls of Friends and many people across the world for a ceasefire now, immediate release of the hostages, and the provision of urgent humanitarian aid to Gaza.

We unconditionally oppose the anti-Semitism and Islamophobia that have led to the rise in hateful rhetoric and actions targeting Jewish, Muslim and Arab people in the United States and worldwide.

As Friends Meeting of Washington, we pray that this lengthy conflict be ended quickly in a way that promotes equality, safety, and justice for all. Let us seek paths to work for peace with the tools available to us.  We are called to act in faith and love, with persistence, patience, and courage, as partners and hands of the divine spirit as we pursue the sacred goal of peace, shalom, salaam.

Agreed to at a special Called Meeting for Worship with concern for Business
Friends Meeting of Washington, Washington DC.   November 19, 2023