Newsletter - January 2023

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Published monthly – Issue #93 – 01

Table of Contents

1st Month Query: Meetings for Worship
A Message from FMW’s Ministry & Worship Committee
Thinking about Race
Meeting for Business Minutes - December 2022
-Clerk’s Report, December 2022
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Sundays:  9:00 - 10:00 am;  10:30-11:30 am (online & in-person);  6:00-7:00 pm
Tuesdays:  6:00 - 7:00 pm

Monthly Meeting for Business:  12:15 pm January 8  (2nd Sunday

Join 10:30 Meeting for Worship here.

For more information, email

1st Month Query:  Meetings for Worship 

Are meetings for worship held in expectant waiting for Divine guidance? Are Friends encouraged to share spiritual insights? Are special gifts of ministry recognized and encouraged?

Do you come to meeting with heart and mind prepared? Are you careful not to disturb the spirit of the meeting by late arrival or in other ways?  (For more, see: Meeting for Worship; Vocal Ministry. Source:  BYM Faith & Practice, Part II The Queries)

A Message from FMW’s Ministry & Worship Committee:

Friends,  The Faith and Practice Revision Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting requests feedback from all Monthly Meetings on these two sections of the draft of Faith & Practice. FMW's Ministry and Worship Committee asks all of our standing Committees to devote 30 minutes of your December or January meeting to discuss your reactions, revisions and critiques. Please send feedback to 

Friends who do not serve on any committee can direct their individual comments to this same  email.

 BYM requests all responses to their office by March 1, 2023. In order to collate & combine our reactions to the document, Ministry & Worship needs your Committee or individual feedback by February 1, 2023.   For more information contact FMW Ministry & Worship rep Joe Izzo, email:


FMW Quaker Spiritual Development Programs in January 2023 

BYM Faith & Practice Revision–Request for Feedback
Baltimore Yearly Meeting is requesting feedback on these two draft sections of the new Faith & Practice. FMW's Ministry and Worship Committee requests all FMW Committees to devote 30 minutes in December or January to discussing these revisions. Individual responses are also welcome.  Please email all feedback to this address, by February 1, which will give M&W time to compile our responses by BYM’s March 1 deadline. For more information contact Joe Izzo, email:

Conversation with Quaker Activist & Scholar George Lakey, Sunday, Jan 22, 12:15

George Lakey has spent the better part of six decades as an activist, scholar and strategist for social, economic and climate justice.  He will discuss his just-published memoir “Dancing with History, A life for Peace and Social Justice.” Sponsored by FMW’s Library, Records and Handbook and Peace & Social Concerns Committees.  For more info, contact Steve Chase, email: 

Try out the Veganuary "No Pressure" BYM Edition!
BYM’s Working Group on Right Relationship with Animals is offering its version of “Veganuary,” - an opportunity for people around the world to try a plant-based diet. No pressure, no judgments! We will provide you with super-easy options to adapt as many meals as you choose, plus a weekly Zoom get-together, led by (non-vegan) Friends, to encourage one another and celebrate the small victories. Details here.  For more info, contact Margaret Fisher, email:, tel:  703-244-9174

Seeking Sunday Childcare Staff

FMW’s Sunday childcare team is seeking additional staff members. This is a part-time, paid position. Staff would sign up for 10am-12pm on specific Sundays and help provide coverage when needed. If you or someone you know may be interested, please contact Julie Johnson, email:

Thinking about Race, January 2023 “Where Do You Really Come From?”

In the Washington Post of December 12, 2022, Michele L. Norris examines the impact of the question, “Where do you really come from?” Segments from the article follow:  

That question is both innocuous and offensive. Usually, it’s a clumsy attempt at hospitality. But it can be triggering for the person on the receiving end — it pokes at something raw and personal. Being an outsider. Someone who does not quite belong in a space where Whiteness or the norms of White culture are dominant. For many people, where do you really come from? winds up sounding like, why are you here?....

Pressing on with this line of inquiry is irritating for those of us whose ancestors were snatched from their homelands and severed from their families and culture. But it also stings for people who came to the United States from distant lands for all kinds of reasons: to study, to find work, to seek a better life, to chase the American Dream, as so many immigrants before them have. Let us not forget the core irony inside this question. Unless you are a Native American, your ancestors came to the United States from somewhere else.

Excerpted from Washington Post, December 9, 2022

Meeting for Business Minutes 

Friends Meeting of Washington
Monthly Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business
Minutes, December 11, 2022

Query for Worship Sharing: In this Christmas season, what is giving you new hope?

In Person Attenders: 24
Online Attenders: 7
New Attenders: Ivy Boschetti, Chris Shephard

Clerk’s Report, December 2022

Upcoming Events  

  • Respite to migrants, Dec 14, Dec 28.  Volunteers needed!
    We will be offering respite care to migrants arriving by bus on December 14 and 28.  There are volunteer opportunities at sister houses of faith on other day. For more info, contact Jim Bell, phone: (240) 413-1229 email:
  • FMW Financial State of the Meeting, Quaker House, December 18, 12:15pm. Finance and Stewardship’s detailed report and discussion of FMW’s financials, projections.For more information contact Jason Terry/F&S, email: 
  • Christmas Eve at FMW, December 24, 5:30.  For the first time in 3 years, we will be holding our traditional Christmas Eve potluck, sing and worship. Doors will open at 5:30 - please come help us set up tables and chairs. Potluck begins at 6:00. We will provide a ham and macaroni and cheese; please bring a side dish, non-alcoholic drinks, or dessert for 8 At 6:45, those who like to sing will go outside for Christmas carol singing. (The rest of you can break down tables and set up chairs.) Then at 7:30, we’ll have our usual candlelight meeting for worship. We hope to be finished and cleaned up by 8:00, leaving plenty of time for Santa. (All of these times are estimates.)
  • Friendly Quaker Film Club at FMW, December 28, 6:00 pm.
    We will view and discuss the film Children of Men.  Overview: When infertility threatens mankind with extinction and the last child born has perished, a disillusioned bureaucrat (Clive Owen) becomes the unlikely champion in the fight for the survival of Earth's population; He must face down his own demons and protect the planet's last remaining hope from danger. For more info, contact convener Bill Parker, email:

FMW Community Highlights & Kudos

  • Kate Oberg and Travis Grout had baby Marjorie Eleanor (Meg) Grout in September 2022. Welcome, Friend Meg!
  • Decking is done! And our back garden is now fully functional. Many thanks to Ken O, Ken F, Jon, the Property Committee and the many volunteers who helped.
  • The FMW community was blessed by a visit from Julie Tayac Yates, Matriarch of the Piscataway Nation in Southern Maryland, who spoke to our First Day students and then to adults about her people’s loss of the land we currently dwell on and their current efforts to restore their hunting and fishing rights in Maryland.
  • Transatlantic Friends, a justice-focused community rooted in the spirit-led testimony of people of color, returns Sunday, January 8. For more information, contact Rashid Darden (
  • Led by Nick Warren, FMW held a “Careers and Conscience” roundtable in November directed toward people in early stages of their career to share members’ experience of finding their path to meaningful work. 
  • Thanks to the Friendly Film Club and the Peace & Social Concerns Committee, we saw a preview of “The Movement and Madman,” a documentary by Robert Levering about the Mobilization Against the War in the late 1960s which stopped then-President Nixon from using nuclear weapons.
  • Shoebox Project created 1500 backpacks and shoeboxes for local shelters to distribute to their clients. Grateful for all of the volunteers, and especially the Hunger & Homelessness Taskforce coordinators, CJ Lewis and Eric Nothman

Tenant Updates- Activities at our Meeting House - see Events report, attached

Major Business

Report on called BYM Interim Meeting, 12/4/22 (David Etheridge)  

  • Friends accepted the report.

Membership (Rob Farr)

  • Second presentation, Allen Fawcett

Friends approved the membership of Allen Fawcett and the associate membership of Owen Fawcett and Nora Fawcett.

Search Committee (one of the clerks)

  • Nominate Bill Parker, Hayden Wetzel, Michael Beer, and Marissa Yeakey to serve from 1.1.2023 to 12.31.2025.

Bill Parker: Friends approved.
Hayden Wetzel: Friends approved.
Michael Beer: Friends approved.
Marissa Yeakey: Friends approved.

  •  Re-nominate Michael Beer to serve as Clerk of the Nominating committee.

Friends approved.

Nominating (Michael Beer) 

  • See attached spreadsheet

One friend requested information regarding Sojournship, and whether Sojourners can serve on committees. The clerk of membership indicated that applicants can easily apply for membership, transfer, or sojourn without issue. Diane Randall’s nomination for Ministry and Worship was laid over for one month.

One friend requested information about the re-upping of the historian position. One friend clarified that they need to re-up every year.

One friend clarified that Bobby Trice was a member, not an attender.

One friend requested clarity on which committees required membership and which did not. The clerk of library, records, and handbook responded that Trustees, Ministry and Worship, Membership, Marriage and Family Relations, Nominating, and Personnelle required membership.

One friend requested information as to whether clerks had to be members. The clerk of library, records, and handbook affirmed.

Michael Beer gave an additional correction: Steve Lovett was for Marriage and Family Relations instead of Finance and Stewardship. This nomination will be held over for a month.

One friend requested clarity regarding those pending membership approval, and stated that we can allow committee membership without meeting membership as exceptions. 

One friend requested clarity on the garden committee.

Michael noted that Hayden Wetzel should be added to the list as co-historian.

Friends approved the individual nominations as amended above.

One friend requested that the language regarding the garden committee and the property committee be amended. The clerk of library, records, and handbook responded that they would work with the property committee to amend the listed responsibilities for the property committee.

Several friends expressed their appreciation for Mark Haskell of the garden committee’s service.

Marriage & Family Relations Committee (Martha Solt)

  • Report back on wedding of Thomas Cannady Wrenn  and Michael August Vallebuona

Martha stated that the marriage was held in good order.

Ministry and Worship (Joe Izzo) 

  • BYM Faith and Practice Committee requests feedback on revisions to Faith and Practice by March 1, 2023

The recording clerk requested clarity regarding the recording of the suggested discussions. Joe Izzo responded that individual committees would each have their own recording.

One friend requested clarity as to whether or not each committee was expected to achieve unity. Joe clarified that the goal was to get all feedback, without unity required.

One friend requested clarity on individuals who are part of multiple committees. Joe Izzo stated that individuals should recuse themselves from these discussions except for one.

One friend asked whether the revisions would impact all aspects of the meeting, or just those listed. Joe clarified that it was intended for those listed.

One friend raised a concern that those who are not members of committees would not be able to provide feedback. Joe noted that in January, all individuals will be able to provide direct feedback to ministry and worship.

One friend requested clarity on whether the process required approval. Other friends responded that it did not.

  • Updated practices for FMW worship (late individuals wait until 10:45 to enter, and a member of the leading committee will provide guidance)

One friend requested information about the 9:00 meeting in the library. Joe indicated he would work with the 9:00 meeting.

One friend asked whether it would require a volunteer to stay out of worship for 15 minutes. Joe indicated that if a volunteer could not be found, then a member from ministry and worship would provide that service.

One friend raised an idea of a separate meeting for late comers in the library which could then enter all at once. One friend responded that this had been done in the past and the secondary meeting was laid down, and it had not seemed welcoming in the past. They expressed that attenders are a joy even if they are late. Several friends stated that this friend spoke their mind.

One friend recalled that in the past children would come in at 11:15 instead of leaving at 10:45. They requested that ministry and worship work with religious education in determining the new process.

One friend noted that there is still a smaller meeting with a particular concern for silence at 10:30 that has not been laid down. They requested that this issue be considered further.

One friend noted that the practice of children leaving together at 10:45 was a child safety issue in the past. Another friend noted that this child safety issue had been considered and addressed and they were welcome to discuss it further.

One friend noted that FMW is a place for us to serve attenders, and that separations would create a sense of shame. They suggested a cultural change by adding an announcement to the end of meeting that attenders come on time.

One friend suggested that the idea return to committee for seasoning.

One friend noted their agreement for cultural establishment rather than creating a rule. They also noted that the 9:00 meeting significantly benefited from having open space. They requested that those who felt upset by late attenders speak as to the impact it has on them, and encouraged a sense of acceptance and a hope for greater acceptance of differing cultural practices regarding time.

One friend raised the idea of retaining the idea of the individual at the door as a greeter, who could let latecomers know that they should enter quietly and respectfully.

One friend raised that being asked to go to the parlor was never intended to cause shame.

One friend noted that a majority of individuals come in after 10:30, and suggested an individual who could tell others that meeting was going to be starting in a number of minutes. They also expressed appreciation for the idea of a greeter. They expressed surprise that, in recent past, individuals have entered during vocal ministry, and that a greeter could help prevent that.

One friend noted that many individuals simply do not know about our standard practices regarding waiting to enter during vocal ministry.

Joe noted that, with the amount of newcomers that attend FMW, this will be a perennial problem. They expressed that the raised idea was never meant to cause shame or be punitive, it was instead aimed to help those who had expressed being upset with having their worship disrupted.

One friend raised the idea of the use of a quiet tinkly bell to announce the upcoming start of meeting for worship.

Friends did not approve the updated practice and referred it back to committee for further discernment.


Michael Beer raised the idea of a clerking tune up meeting on January 7th to help others learn better clerking techniques. Several friends expressed a willingness to attend. Michael Beer asked whether this meeting should be an afternoon or a full day, and several friends expressed that they would prefer an afternoon instead of a full day.

One friend expressed their deep gratitude for Debby Churchman’s service as clerk.
One friend expressed their similarly deep gratitude for Rebecca Nelson’s service as clerk.
Friends expressed their heartfelt appreciation for Debby and Rebecca.
One friend welcomed Debby and Rebecca to the ‘Wuzzie’ club.

One friend expressed their appreciation for those serving in meeting for business through poetry and offered drinks for all those present at the rise of meeting for business. This poetry was a cypher by Chris Chronic.

Several friends expressed their appreciation for the recording clerk.

Friends approved the meeting minutes with gratitude.

Meeting for business ended at 1:39 pm.


Nominations, December 2022

Ministry and Worship

Joe Izzo, (m) re-up 2025
Ann Herzog, (m) re-up 2025
Raymond Patch (pending membership approval), 2025
Gray Handley, (m) Clerk, 2025
Diane Randall, (Sojourner)


Aaron Johnson, Clerk (pending membership approval)
Nicholas Warren, 2025    (pending membership approval)

Personal Aid

Hayden Wetzel, (M)Clerk
Mary Melchior, (m) re-up 2025
Kelly Moore, (a) 2025
Mark Haskell, (m)2025
Pat Michaelson, (sojourner Atlanta MM)2025

MJ Simpson

Bil Strein (m)
Michelle Hannahs (a)
Nicholas Warren
David Aluvale (M)
Anne Kendall (m)

Garden, committee layed down under care of Property Committee


Elaine Wilson, (m) Allen Fawcett, (M) Co-clerks, 2023
Greg Robb, (m) Historian,
Tristan Kirkman, (M) Recording Clerk, 2023
Gene Throwe, (m) Librarian, 2023

FMW Representatives

Bill Parker,(m) AFSC
Greg Rob, (m) BYM
FCNL Susan Griffin, Tamina Chowdury, and Joe.


Beth Cogswell, (m) re-up, 2025
Rebecca Nelson, (m) co-Clerk 2025
Amit Pandya, (m) 2025
Bobby Trice, (a) Co-clerk

Marriage and Family Relations

Bill Strein, (m) 2025
Beth Cogswell, (m)  2025
Martha Solt, (m) Clerk


Gene Throwe, Re-up 2025, (m) Clerk


Gregg Rob, (m) re-up 2025, Clerk
Sandra Proctor, (a) 2025
Camilla Greer, (a)2025
Tristan Kirkman, (m) 2025
Debby Churchman, (m)  2025

Finance and Stewardship

Steve Lovett, 2025
Grant Thompson, (m) re-up 2025, co-clerk
Dan Dozier, (m) 2025 re-up
John Bluedorn, 2024 (2 year term exception because he was not re-upped in 2021 as required)
David Smith, (sojourner) 2024, 
Jason Terry, (m) Co-clerk

YAF - Vacant


John Hurvitz, (m)2025 (clerk already approved through June)


Jay Harris, (m)2025
David Aluvale, (m) 2025
Michael Cronin, (m) 2025
Ken Forsberg (m) and Michael Wood, Co-clerks

Peace and Social Concerns

Steve Chase, (m) re-up 2025
Jake Kauraisz, (a) 2025
Allie Douma, (a) 2025
Helena Cobban, (m)  re-up for 1 year, 2023
Barbara Briggs, (m) Clerk


Betsy Bramon, (m) filling in a vacancy with end date Sept 30, 2027
Mary Melchior,(m)  filling in a vacancy with end date Sept 30, 2027

FMW Rental Report, November 2022

Prepared by Brian Lutenegger, Event and Rental Manager

Financials – FY23 and FY24 Bookings

Here is a breakdown of where we are in term of bookings for FY23 as of November 30, 2022 in comparison with other past and future fiscal years.

Our budgeted goal for FY23 is $300,000. The charts above show that we’ve booked over $226,000 in rentals so far this fiscal year. Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to the following June 30th.

In general, November was a bit slower than recent months in terms of new bookings. However, the $7,458 needs some qualifications. During the month, about $6,584 worth of events canceled, did not sign an agreement, or rescheduled. This also includes $1,600 that DC Minyan paid for storage that I have moved from event rentals to office rentals in my revenue tracking.

 We’ve also booked $13,600 worth of events for FY24. Note that it remains to be seen what impact a possible economic recession will have on event rentals.

Financials – FY23 Earned

In November, we earned $19,998.85 for events successfully completed and $162,732.50 fiscal year to date.

 Approximately 13.2% of earnings during November came from events booked on Peerspace.

 November Events

 The following activities occurred at FMW during November:

  • DC Minyan continuing to hold regular services – along with celebratory events connected to these communities
  • Three weddings
  • Memorial services
  • Multiple staff retreats / board meetings / conferences / workshops – these are often meetings of staff and stakeholders from across the country
  • Weekly Al-Anon meetings
  • Several celebratory for individuals including a baby shower
  • Fundraisers for nonprofits
  • Film crews – though we are turning away many of these due to sound issues

Office Space Rentals

Income from office rentals has changed in recent months due to turnover in tenants.

This fiscal year, we have so far collected $74,854 in office tenant rent through December with a couple of outstanding December payments yet to be collected.. Our fiscal year budget is $150,000.

At present, we have eleven nonprofit and small business tenants including two of our tenants who now share an office. We have one remaining office space for rent and another space has a pending license agreement (for an occupational therapist) to be signed for occupancy starting 1/1/23.

Our existing office tenants include a range of nonprofits, small businesses, and mental health professionals.

Opportunities for the FMW community to help with rentals

Please think about whether your employer, an organization whose board you sit on – or even yourself for a special event – might be able to make use of our event rental spaces.

If you have ideas for content that we can post on Facebook and Instagram that might be of interest to a wide (not necessarily Quaker) audience, I am happy to consider.


Finally, if you know of any potential new office tenants, please connect them to me.

###END December 2022 Meeting for Business Minutes####

December photo

Kingman Island, December 3, 2022