FMW Newsletter - December 2022

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Published monthly – Issue #92 – 12
December 2022

Table of Contents

Action Opportunities
Thinking about Race
Meeting for Business Minutes & Attachments
-Clerk’s Report,
-Marriage and Family Relations
-Committee of Clerks
-Membership Committee
-Nominating Committee
-Search Committee
-Futures Taskforce
-Marriage and Family Relations Annual Report
-Minute on Transgender Rights
-Committee of Clerks Meeting Minutes - October 2022
-Nominating Announcements
-FMW Rentals Report - October 2022


Sundays:  9:00 - 10:00 am;  10:30-11:30 am;  6:00-7:00 pm

Wednesdays:  6:00 - 7:00 pm
Monthly Meeting for Business:  12:15 pm December 11 (2nd Sunday)

Sunday 9:00 and 10:30 Meeting for Worship are online and in-person.  Masks required.

Meetings for worship are being held via Zoom.  Join 10:30 Meeting here.
For more information, email

12th Month Query: The Environment 

Are you concerned for responsible use of natural resources and their nurture for future generations? Do you try to avoid wasteful consumption and pollution? Do you seek to preserve the beauty and balance of God's world?  (For more, see: Humankind and the Environment; Civic Responsibility.  Source:  BYM Faith & Practice, Part II The Queries)

On November 2, FMW responded to a last minute call and hosted 60 migrants.  A skeleton crew of volunteers from FMW and All Souls served breakfast, lunch, snacks, clean clothes and basic supplies.

Action Opportunities

FMW Community Continues Support for Migrants - Volunteers needed

Volunteers from FMW and area faith and mutual aid organizations continue to provide the first welcome and ongoing support to migrants just arrived in DC from Venezuela, Ecuador, Central America and elsewhere.  They have fled because their homes have become unlivable and unsafe due to political and gang violence and/or economic collapse.  Typically they have walked 4 to 6 weeks, often with small children.  They arrive in need of shoes, warm clothing, a hot meal, help to reunite with family and begin to build their new lives.    If there is need, FMW will open our doors to provide respite on Wednesday, December 14 and 28.  To learn more and join this effort, contact Jim Bell, phone: (240) 413-1229 email:

Send a holiday letter to DC neighbors who will spend the holidays apart from their families in DC Jail.

Neighbors for Justice, coordinated by FMW attender Julie Johnson writes:  Three years ago, we started sending virtual holiday letters to our neighbors at the jail.  We did this because we heard that the holidays are the hardest time to be away from family and loved ones.   Find out how you can send a letter to help some DC neighbors feel a little less lonely this holiday.  For more info contact Julie: 


Quaker Spiritual Development Programs - Full schedule for December 2022

Special Programmed Meeting Toward Connection and Repair of the Harms of Racism, Called by the Clerks of Baltimore Yearly Meeting, Interim Meeting, Global Majority Caucus.  In person at Stony Run Friends Meeting & on Zoom, Saturday, December 3, 12:00 - 4:00pm
More Information & Register Here

Backpack Project (formerly Shoebox Project), Saturday-Sunday, December 3-4 at FMW
Join a 30-year FMW tradition, helping assemble gifts for DC neighbors who find themselves unhoused this holiday season. See below for details. For more information, contact CJ Lewis (202) 704-4430 or Eric Nothman email:

Grate Patrol, Sunday, December 4, First Day School and 12:00 pm
Preparing meals for DC neighbors who are homeless and living on the streets.
For more information, contact Emilie Schmeidler, email:

Pendle Hill Lecture: Valerie Brown-Hope Leans Forward: Braving Your Way Toward Simplicity, Awakening, and Peace, December 5, 7:30 pm - online.  Register hereDaily we are asked to stretch in the direction of goodness, kindness, forgiveness, patience, and vulnerability. Yet life’s fragility, fear, and anxiety, and our own self-sabotage can derail us. How can we break old patterns and gain greater self-awareness and bravery?  Based on Valerie’s latest book, Hope Leans Forward.

FMW Financial State of the Meeting, Quaker House, December 18, 12:15pm
Finance and Stewardship’s detailed report and discussion of FMW’s financials, projections.
For more information contact Jason Terry/F&S, email:

FMW Social Justice Fund - Proposal Deadline - December 12

FMW members and attenders involved in peace, social, economic and environmental justice work that could be strengthened and facilitated by a small grant are invited to submit a proposal.  For more information, find the Social Justice Fund guidelines and Fall 2022 application form here

Women Firsts! 2023 Planners  from the National Democratic Women’s Club

Packed with info on women’s history plus appointment and journal space, these planners are very useful and make great holiday gifts.  Cost is $20 each.  Proceeds are used to fund printing and donation of the planners to area high schools, where students value to opportunity to organize themselves with a paper-based system.  (Who knew!) More info on WNDC Site.  You can order from FMW (& NWDC) member Judy Hubbard, email:

Thinking about Race

A passage from Brown Girl, Brownstones, a novel by Paule Marshall, 1959. The character Clive, aspiring painter, boyfriend of the protagonist, Selina, says this after Selina tells him about a crushing, racist encounter she has had. “Maybe our dark faces remind them of all that is dark and unknown and terrifying within themselves and, as Jimmy Baldwin says, they’re seeking absolution through poor us,
either in their beneficence or in their cruelty. I don’t know …. But I’m afraid we have to disappoint them by confronting them always with the full and awesome weight of our humanity, until they begin to see us and not some unreal image they’ve super-imposed …. This is the unpleasant and perhaps impossible job and this is where I bow out, leaving the field to you, my dear sweet odd puritan Selina” -- and he prodded her
playfully – “and to the more robust among us. Me, I can’t be so bothered. To hell with them. I’m assured of my humanity lying here in this goddamn room each day seeing things in my mind that I can’t get down right on canvas.”

This column is prepared by the BYM Working Group on Racism (WGR) and sent to the
designated liaison at each local Meeting. The BYM WGR meets most months on the first
Saturday, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, currently via Zoom. If you would like to attend, contact the
clerk at

Meeting for Business Minutes & Attachments 

Friends Meeting of Washington
Monthly Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business
Minutes, November 13, 2022

In Person Attendees: 20
Online Attendees: 6
New Attendees: Diane Randall, David Aluvale

Query for Worship Sharing: What is the role of gratitude in your life? In the Meeting’s life?

Clerk’s Report, November 2022

In Memoriam

  • FMW held a Meeting for Worship with attention to the life of John Scales on October 30 in good order

Upcoming Events

  • Careers and Conscience Roundtable, Tuesday, Nov 15, at 6:30 pm via Zoom
    FMW community members JE McNeil, Joe Izzo, and Steve Chase from FMW will discuss how their careers were shaped by their faith, and values. There will also be lots of time for Q&A.  We expect this to be an informative, inspiring, and empowering event.  Join on Zoom.  By phone dial: (309) 205-3325.  Enter Meeting ID 83022177094# on prompt. For more information contact Nick Warren, email:
  • Kenyan Crafts Sale at FMW, November 20 at Rise of Meeting
    Friend Jean Smith has lived in Kenya for decades and helps Kenyan village women’s collectives sell their crafts.  The proceeds allow them to support their families and village development projects.
  • FMW Committee Fair, November 20, Assembly Room at 12:15
    Joining an FMW Committee is a great way to be part of the running of the Meeting and to build relationships with other community members.  This will be a great chance to talk with folks in FMW’s various committees looking for members to begin in 2023.  For more information, contact Nominating Committee clerk Michael Beer, email:
  • Toward Right Relationship w/Native American Peoples: Visit with Julie Tayac Yates, Matriarch of the Piscataway Nation, Sunday, November 20, 12:30 pm 
    Committee on Peace and Social Concerns is excited to host this visit and conversation with Julie Tayac Yates.  Julie will be speaking with FMW’s First Day School children in the morning, then joining us at 12:30 for a more adult conversation about growing up Piscataway, what it means to be Native American and what solidarity and Right Relationship might look like in DC and Maryland.
  • Film Showing–roughcut of “The Movement and the Madman” and conversation with producer Robert Levering, November 20, 4 pm, Quaker House  This film tells the little-known story of how the two national antiwar demonstrations in the fall of 1969 helped prevent the Nixon administration from launching a major escalation of the Vietnam War, including the possible use of nuclear weapons. The film shows that protests matter, even if the participants don't realize it at the time. (Spoiler alert:  Quakers played a crucial role!)  This is the roughcut of a film that will air on PBS next year.  It has only been shown a handful of times.  You can learn more here:
  • FMW Financial State of the Meeting, Quaker House, December 18, 12:15pm  Finance and Stewardship’s detailed report and discussion of FMW’s financials, projections. For more information contact Jason Terry/F&S, email:  

FMW Community Highlights & Kudos

  • FMW held a called Meeting for Worship with attention to the election on November 7, to hold the election and all involved in the Light
  • We continue to host migrants sent here from Texas and Arizona. To get involved, please contact Jim Bell, email:
  • Thank you to Friend Bob Meehan, baker, who brings Quaker Treasure Bread–a 20-year FMW tradition–again this season.  Proceeds support Personal Aid for Friends in need.  For more info and to order, contact Bob Meehan, email:
  • The Friendly Film Club, hosted by Bill Parker from the Hospitality Committee, is becoming quite popular. This month is a documentary; next month is Children of Men, which is either a dystopian or a utopian re-telling of the Christmas story–you decide.
  • Update on garden terrace: After many years of trying various solutions,  staff and Property Committee reluctantly and sadly concluded that keeping a lawn alive and well in the west garden (outside the Assembly Room) was not compatible with renting the space for events (wedding receptions, etc.). We need the event rental income to pay off the renovation loan, so until that loan is retired, we need an alternative plan out there. After considerable research and discussion of multiple options, a grade-level deck was the solution we settled on. And at the October Meeting for Business, the capital expenditure for the deck was approved. On Monday, Nov. 14 at about 10:00 am, the planks will be delivered. Volunteers are needed to unload the trucks. To volunteer, contact Ken Orvis, propertymgr@quakers.dc     
  • Matt and Rachel Higgins’ new baby, Naomi Higgins, was born on October 1. We are so glad to have this new young Friend in our midst!

Tenant Updates- Activities at our Meeting House

  • See report, below

Major Business

Marriage and Family Relations (Martha Solt)

  • Annual Report (see below)

The MaFR committee will be amending their report to include an additional marriage.
One friend asked if the previous year had fewer marriages than is typical.
Friends accepted the report.

  • Transgender Rights (see below)

One friend requested clarity on the choice of language between gender identity and gender expression.
Another friend referred to the minute and noted that both terms appear and are not specifically differentiated.
One friend requested that gender identity and expression be coupled in the language of the minute.
One friend expressed appreciation for the minute but disagreed with the title, noting that the minute was about more than legalistic rights. They asked that we consider changing the title to include language such as liberation, equality, and people.
One friend expressed appreciation for the minute and suggested “Minute on Welcoming Transgender People”.
One friend suggested “Minute on Transgender Rights and Love”.
One friend noted that the phrase welcoming captures sentiments of love and equality.
One friend suggested “Welcoming and Supporting”, suggesting that welcoming may be more passive.
One friend requested clarity on whether transgender individuals were included in the minute’s composition. The writers responded affirmatively.

Friends approved the minute, the title change of the minute to “Minute on Welcoming and Supporting Transgender People”, and the coupling of gender identity and expression in the language of the minute. One transgender friend stood aside.

One friend asked what the next steps for the minute were. The Clerk of MaFR noted that the next steps were open for input.

One friend asked whether there would be another meeting on this topic. The Clerk of MaFR noted that this decision was up to the meeting and that all individuals were welcome at MaFR meetings.
The Administrative Secretary requested that the minute be put on our website, published on the newsletter, and expressed support for sending it to area meetings.
One friend noted that they think it should be forwarded to BYM and FGC.

Committee of Clerks (Rebecca Nelson)

  • See minutes, below

One friend wanted to understand why we should have welcoming bags and what they would include.

The Clerk of Hospitality was not present, though another friend expressed that the bags may include quaker literature, and were to be created by Kenyan women who work with Friend Jean Smith..

Friends accepted the CoC minutes.

Membership Committee (Rob Farr)

  • Allen Fawcett, 1st presentation (as well as their children as associate members)

Nominating Committee  

  • Allen Fawcett, Co-Clerk 2023
  • Elaine Wilson Co-Clerk 2023

The Clerk of Nominating suggested that Allen and Elaine were recommended as a pair, and given Allen’s lack of approved membership at this point, some members may prefer to defer the approval until membership was approved.
One friend noted that we could wait until December MfB when Allen’s second presentation would occur.
One friend noted that we could approve the nomination on a contingent basis.
One friend noted their enthusiasm and requested information on whether Elaine would be clerk of Trustees, and noted a previous prohibition on one individual clerking multiple committees.
The Clerk of Nominating noted their agreement for this prohibition, and that their understanding was that Elaine would step down as Clerk of Trustees if this nomination was approved.
Elaine noted their intention to step down as Clerk of Trustees.
The Clerk of Library, Records, and Handbook noted that clerks of the meeting cannot be clerks of Trustees.
One friend noted that Trustees selects their own clerk, and will do so in January.
One friend noted their enthusiasm for Elaine and Allen serving as Co-Clerks and that they feel that the pair’s clerkship was divinely led. They also expressed a desire that the nomination be laid over for one month.
One existing Co-Clerk expressed their heartfelt support for the nominations.
Friends deferred the nomination for 1 month.

  • Mary Melchior for Trustees, filling in the 2021 vacancy to serve until Oct of 2027.

One friend noted that the bees approved the nomination.
Friends approved the nomination.

  • Merry Pearlstein, is nominated to fill appointment to the position of Treasurer of FMW if Meeting for Business approves. David Miller is stepping down from the position.

One friend requested information on scheduled tenure.
The Clerk of Nominating noted that terms were from July 1st to June 30th. 
One friend raised the question for future process of the tenure of Treasurer being for 1 year.
The Clerk of Library, Records, and Handbook noted that Treasurers have a 1 year tenure with a maximum of 5 consecutive years.
Several friends expressed their appreciation and gratitude for Merry.
Merry noted that she will not be serving in her existing position as of July 1st.
Merry noted that David’s intention was to step down at the end of December 2022 and that she would take the role of Treasurer as of January 1st.
Friends accepted the resignation of David Miller with gratitude.
Friends approved the nomination of Merry Pearlstein from Jan 1 - Dec. 31, 2023.

Search Committee

  • Emilie Schmeidler nominated to serve to June 30, 2023

One friend requested information as to who else was on the search committee.
Friends approved the nomination.

Other Business

Futures Taskforce (Rashid Darden)

One friend requested information about the Fishbowl format and whether listeners could ask questions.
Rashid noted they were considering it.
One friend asked whether there was an intended outcome in mind or if this was primarily intended to be a listening session.
Rashid noted that this was a first step in a relay.
One friend noted that the transition of the meeting towards professionalism has been difficult for the meeting and will be an important part of the meeting’s future. They also noted that committees are lacking membership, and that they are biased towards those with spare time and money, which is a topic to consider. They also noted that they are looking for input on what younger meeting members’ vision for the future is.
One friend noted the vibrancy of the meeting and expressed their joy for it, and their excitement for the effort of the Futures Taskforce.
One friend noted that the original plan for the idea was to provide some, if minimal, structure, in order to provide flexibility for the future “as way opens”. They raised that they hoped we may be able to think beyond our quaker structure when needed.
One friend noted their comfort with the limited mandate of the futures taskforce, and hoped that the futures taskforce is open to look at “what Quakers in DC look like”, rather than what our meeting looks like. They suggested gathering input from other quakers in the area.
One friend noted their hope that the futures taskforce is grounded in the idea of continuing revelation.
One friend noted that early quakers were unusual and brave, and that we should continue in that tradition of passion that defies coherence.

Friends approved the minutes with gratitude.

MfB concluded at 1:37 pm.


Marriage and Family Relations (M&FR) Annual Report
Submitted to Meeting for Business, November 2022

The Marriage and Family Relations Committee (M&FR) has been busy throughout the year.  Our responsibilities include offering clearness and oversight to marriage under the care of the Meeting, welcoming children who are new to the meeting, and other issues related to family life.


Three marriages will have been held under the care of the Meeting in 2022:

  • Long-time member, Annelise Haskell and Eli Greenspan were married in a combined Quaker Jewish wedding on April 2, 2022;
  • Chris Zubowicz and Heather Weaver were married on October 8, 2022; and 
  • Tommy Wrenn and Mike Vallebuona are scheduled to be married on November 25, 2022

The Committee intends to revise the 2006 Marriage Procedures Manual.

Activities rooted in Our Faith

Our committee is sponsoring FMW’s very active Working Group on Reproductive Rights, motivated by the Dobbs decision.  In June, the Meeting approved a Minute on Privacy and the State.

The Committee has approved a minute on Transgender Rights.

As always, we welcome couples interested in marriage and are happy to welcome new babies and children.

Members of the committee include:  Jim Bell, Beth Cogswell, Debby Churchman, Gray Handley, Basil Kiwan, and Martha Solt (Clerk).

Minute on Transgender Rights
Approved by Marriage and Family Relations Committee 10/20/2022

Friends believe that there is that of God in each of us, including youth. Our faith, and especially our Testimony of Integrity, teaches us to live authentically, acknowledging and accepting our whole selves, and to respect others’ efforts to do the same. In that way, our community is deepened. We acknowledge that the journey to understand one’s own gender identity and sexual orientation is a spiritual one, needing and deserving support from the community.

We seek to provide places of worship and community that are welcoming and supportive to transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people, and also where the journey to understand and express one’s own gender identity is given the support and safety it needs. We believe in the dignity of the human person and respect their self-knowledge as the particular way in which the Light is made manifest to and shines through them. And we pray and work for a world in which all gender expressions are welcome.

With glad hearts, we acknowledge and affirm the transgender and gender diverse Friends already in our Quaker community, and express appreciation for the variety of contributions and gifts that they bring to our meeting, which is a community made up of people with a diverse range of gender expressions. We rejoice in recognizing God's creation in one another. This is what love requires of us.

Committee of Clerks Meeting 10/30/2022, 9:00 am 

Welcoming practices follow-up

Greg – Hospitality has initial conversations on friendly aides, everyone is stepping up their game on welcoming.
Barbara – lots of attendance (including from non-friends) to PSC meeting last Sunday
Grant – committee approved financing for welcoming bags
Greg – we have an idea for a gift bags for 1st time members, cost is $5 each
Martha – Name tags have been a success
Michael – We recently had no first day school but did have kids come. Friend named “Faith” is a former clerk of a California meeting, and he hopes we will welcome her.
Rebecca – Other consideration would be to add “talk to someone you don’t know” to standard announcements

Futures taskforce

Fishbowl Event:

Rebecca – Instead of just assigning a Futures Taskforce, the co-clerks would like to start with a broader event, and see who’s willing to come and share their ideas and experiences. See who in this event emerges as potential leaders and what emerges as next steps. Try for a fishbowl format (inner circle meant to speak about a topic, outer circle take notes/listen), push for younger individuals as speakers.
Debby – Rashid and Betsy are up for co-clerking the event.
Barbara – Recommended tweak: have some empty seats in the inner circle if outer circle folks want to temporarily say something.
Rebecca – No date set (likely January), settle on a format and then determine multiple dates.

Retaining Members:

Gene – Need to reach out to member friends who have stopped coming, and find out what our community does that is detrimental. Set up a meeting where we just listen to those who have stopped coming. Some individuals feel strongly about Quaker faith but had difficulties with the meeting, or felt used. Focus on those who used to be highly engaged.
Greg – should we focus on members who stopped attending, or non-friends who we don’t currently track?

Expanding the Mandate:

Michael – one option would be to reach out to FCNL and Sidwell Friends to discuss the future of Quakerism in DC and see if they wanted to join in.
Debby – Consider the expanded use of pop-up meetings.
Grant – Used to be a member of Sidwell Board, has a strong connection. Could be a useful resource.

Taskforce Structure.

Gene – whatever is proposed for the futures taskforce should be in writing.
Rebecca – currently only proposing some discrete conversations, not a full taskforce.
Barbara – if there are good ideas that emerge, they should be brought to Meeting for Business.

Procedure for submitting reimbursement

Barbara – Our bookkeeping is entirely electronic, paper isn’t used. Our new procedure is through a google form, can ask Barbara for a link. Receipts can be photographed or scanned, receipts and form should be emailed to Barbara who will check it and then forward it to bookkeeping and CCing the clerk. If individuals are not able to use google, then send materials to Barbara who will fill out the form themselves. Keeps everything electronic and easily tracked.
Merry – Finance and Stewardship will discuss and get back with Barbara..
Michael – Will a system that doesn’t rely on a clerk approving work? If we’re CCing the clerk, but they never see it, is that okay?
Grant – Process includes Treasurer or assistant treasurer needing to approve/authorize the payment.
Barbara – We could include a step where the clerk has to put forth an affirmation.

Vaccination requirement

Greg – I think we could be more welcoming, and that the requirement is not welcoming. Prefer to drop requirement.
Gene – Recently just had Covid, proof of vaccination doesn’t mean as much anymore. DC generally doesn’t require vaccination. Prefer to drop requirement.
Martha – Used to be a strong proponent of the vaccination. As long as we maintain the mask requirement, okay with dropping the vaccination requirement.
Barbara – Masking should be retained, okay with dropping the vaccination requirement.
Elaine – Okay with dropping vaccination requirement, will be much more welcoming.
Michael – In support of dropping the mandate. Up for dropping the mandate for masks while outside (is maintaining encouragement for masks). 
Friends approved dropping the proof of vaccination requirement.
On not mandating masks outside (while recommending them)

Martha – Want to do more research, but open to discussion.
Gene – Open to discussion, could use more time to plan. We are not currently socially distancing. Once we have a larger outdoor space (decking), more open to it. 

Nominating Announcements

Michael – Committee fair on November 20th. Would like the clerks here to check in with those who signaled interest--20 signaled interest at a previous committee fair but it didn’t result in 20 nominations. For January meetings, talk about how they will function over the year and provide orientations for new committee members.
Martha – Old method was that all clerks were reappointed in January, is that in place
Michael – In the next few weeks, nominations for all clerks are upcoming. Clerks should check-in or be checked in with to signal whether they want to maintain being a clerk.
Gene – Search committee hasn’t reached out yet to him yet.
Barbara – Could nominating resend the interest sheet?
Michael – Nominating would like to have paper announcements available in large quantity for every Sunday. We believe that a lot of people are not opening their emails and this will improve engagement. If paper is available and no one is picking them up, then revisit the idea. If people are picking them up, then they’re of use.
Barbara – Announcements have expanded from one page of content to three to five pages of content with more extended descriptions. Admin secretary is reticent to do this, this is a larger time commitment.
Gene – Paper announcements will help with newcomers who are not on our email lists, this will help with welcoming.
Debby – Consider a short version of announcements, willing to help make shorter versions.
Ken – Consider a QR code for announcements.
Rebecca – Announcements can be very opaque and unwelcoming to newcomers. Paper announcements can help newcomers understand what people are talking about.
Elaine – Announcements can often go along for a very long time, and announcers should orient their announcements for newcomers rather than existing members.
Greg – Been thinking of ways to get everyone together for announcements.
Grant – We have a new member on our committee, and our processes are complicated and have a long history. We should try to demystify our processes.
Barbara – Substantially convinced that printing of announcements is a good idea. When Heads of Meeting announce the entire announcements, things get opaque especially to newcomers.
Michael – One option is to have head of meeting say the “agenda” of announcements immediately after rise of meeting. We should consider a 30 second rule (or guideline) for announcements.
Barbara – Robb has been extraordinary in helping out with the electronics.
Merry – All clerks should know there is a finance meeting on December 18th at Rise of Meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:20, to be reconvened as way opens on 1/29/23.

FMW Rentals Report - October 2022

Prepared by Brian Lutenegger, Event and Rental Manager

 Financials – FY23 and FY24 Bookings

Here is a breakdown of where we are in term of bookings for FY23 as of October 31, 2022 in comparison with other past and future fiscal years.

Our budgeted goal for FY23 is $300,000. The charts above show that we’ve booked over $219,000 in rentals so far this fiscal year. Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to the following June 30th.

We’ve also booked $10,430 worth of events for FY24. Note that it remains to be seen what impact a possible economic recession will have on event rentals. 

Financials – FY23 Earned

In October, we earned $52,195.35 for events successfully completed and $142,733.65 fiscal year to date.  Approximately 9.4% of earnings during October came from events booked on Peerspace. We are steadily reducing the number of events that we book through that website. This has been a goal of mine due to high fees that we pay.

October Events

The following activities occurred at FMW during October:

  • DC Minyan continuing to hold regular services along with another Jewish community – along with celebratory events connected to these communities
  • An anniversary party
  • Four weddings
  • A bat mitzvah
  • Memorial services
  • Several staff retreats / conferences / workshops
  • Weekly Al-Anon meetings
  • Several celebratory and fundraiser events for individuals and nonprofits
  • Film crews – though we are turning away many of these due to sound issues

 Office Space Rentals

Income from office rentals has changed in recent months due to turnover in tenants.

This fiscal year, we have so far collected $63,591 in office tenant rent through November. Our fiscal year budget is $150,000.

At present, we have eleven nonprofit and small business tenants including two of our tenants who now share an office. We have two office vacancies.

Opportunities for the FMW community to help with rentals

Please think about whether your employer, an organization whose board you sit on – or even yourself for a special event – might be able to make use of our event rental spaces. Of course, at least for now, these events would need to be kept small and happen safely.

If you have ideas for content that we can post on Facebook and Instagram that might be of interest to a wide (not necessarily Quaker) audience, I am happy to consider.


Finally, if you know of any potential new office tenants, please connect them to me.