Healing and Reconciliation Committee

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The Healing and Reconciliation Committee consists of members of the FMW community asked to respond immediately, or after an event or situation, to limit any hurtful behavior in Meeting-related settings and to initiate processes of healing and reconciliation. Through its interactions with individuals, the Committee complements efforts of the Ministry and Worship Committee, which gives special attention to the overall spiritual state of the Meeting and its Meetings for Worship. The Healing and Reconciliation Committee undertakes activities such as the interruption of hurtful exchanges, active listening to help find ways toward spirit-led harmony in situations of conflict, and taking actions to foster healing and reconciliation, in addition to addressing specific incidents and situations that arise, the Committee may work more generally to nurture the spiritual state of the Meeting as it relates to the way we address and resolve conflicts, and to help make our peace testimony a reality in the life of the Meeting community. The Committee may recommend long term actions to the Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business and other Meeting communities, but it does not itself undertake any action other than those directed toward healing and reconciliation. Click this link to view list of committee members.

Click this link to read the committee's Annual Report for 2018