Spiritual Growth

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                                           Spiritual Growth Opportunities

You are invited to join with Friends in these programs. For questions or more information about a group or program listed below, please contact the individual leaders listed or CONTACT FMW.

Adult Study Group – Friends meet monthly to study and discuss Quaker history, biography and spiritual texts. All are welcome at every meeting. Contact John Scales, johnkscales@aol.com

Bible Study—Using the Friendly Bible Study guide, a group meets monthly to read through the Gospel of Mark. All are welcome at every meeting. Contact David Etheridge, david.etheridge@verizon.net

Compassionate Life – Friends meet monthly to discuss the findings, approach, and practice found in Karen Armstrong’s 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life. For more information, contact Joe Izzo at jizzo4102@gmail.com

Clearness Committees - Anyone facing a personal problem or crisis may ask the Marriage and Family Relations, Membership, Ministry and Worship, or Personal Aid Committee to form a small committee of Friends to help in seeking clearness about what to do. You can watch a short video about clearness committees here. Contact the Clerks or email the office at admin@quakersdc.org

Healing & Reconciliation Committee - The Healing & Reconciliation Committee offers to assist people facing difficulty resolving conflict with other members/attenders. Contact co-Clerks Gray Handley (handleygr@niaid.nih.gov)  or Diane McDougall for help.

Spiritual Formation Program - Join with Friends to study, reflect and share your spiritual growth with a small group. Friends meet twice a month sometimes at the Meeting House, sometimes in homes to support one another in a spiritual practice.  Each participant commits to undertake their own individual spiritual practice (e.g., prayer, meditation, journal keeping, etc.). Friends may also attend a BYM Spiritual Formation retreat.  For more information, contact Betsy Bramon at betsy.bramon@gmail.com

Spiritual Journey Meditation Group - The Spiritual Journey Meditation Group meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Each member of the group takes turns bringing a devotional writing. The group usually has a Saturday retreat in the Quaker House Living Room in the fall and a weekend retreat at the Bellarmine Retreat Center in the spring. The exact dates of the retreats are usually determined several months ahead of time. Contact Leslie Jadin at kljadin@gmail.com