Weekly Announcements, Nov. 12, 2017

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"The world has never yet seen a truly great and virtuous nation, because in the degradation of women, the very fountains of life are poisoned at their source.” – Lucretia Mott


Personal Aid Ctte

Terrace Room

8:45 am



Quaker House & Meeting Room

10:30 am


Quaker House

9:00 am


Meeting for Business

Meeting Room


Library Ctte


9:00 am




6:00 pm

Spiritual Deepening

North Room

9:00 am





November 17 – 19:  Clerking Workshop at Pendle Hill – Arthur Larrabee teaches Clerking: Serving the Community with Joy and Confidence. This excellent workshop will teach you to listen and guide Quaker meetings for worship with attention to business toward a sense of the meeting, and teach nuts and bolts skills and techniques for herding Quakers. For details about the program, go to https://pendlehill.org/events/clerking-serving-community-joy-confidence-2/

November 23: There will be a special called Meeting for Worship with a concern for Thanksgiving on Thursday, Nov. 23 at noon. All are welcome.

November 24 – 26 – Young Friends Conference, Sandy Spring Friends Meeting (Sandy Spring, MD)  Young Friends should plan to begin arriving at 7:00 pm on Friday. For information, check the Young Friends website (www.bym-rsf.org/what_we_do/yfs/yfcon.html) or contact Jocelyn Dowling. (301-774-7663) Please remember that the deadline to register and be guaranteed a slot is two weeks before the conference (November 10). Any one registering after that date will be placed on a waiting list and may not be able to attend.

November 29:  Detention Visitor Training – You are invited to a training at FMW from 6:30 to 9:00 pm, led by Erin Hustings, network coordinator for the DC Detention Visitation Network. You will learn how to go with members of the network to visit people who are detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Maryland and Virginia. On any given night as many as 1000 or more people may be held in ICE custody in at least three detention facilities in these two states. Many immigrants in detention do not have family or friends who can visit them. It is common for people in immigration custody to be held in a location distant from where they lived or worked. Visits from community members give detainees a break, boost their morale, and help individuals refocus their emotions on positive relationships while in detention. RSVP Jim Bell (kelleybell21@comcast.net, 240.413.1229).

Head of Meeting

Nov. 12: Garden Committee