FMW Newsletter - July 2019

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Seventh Month Query
Thinking About Race
Notes - June Meeting for Business
- Clerk's Report
- Major Business
- Addenda
  ---FY 2020 Budget Summary
  ---Trustees report
  ---Minutes: Meeting of Clerks 3/31/19

For those who read to the bottom

Seventh Month Query:  CARING FOR OTHERS

Do you respect that of God in every person? Do you search yourself for and strive to eliminate prejudices such as those related to race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation and economic condition? In what ways do you accept and appreciate differences among your friends and associates? Do you avoid exploiting or manipulating others to accomplish ends, however worthy? (See: Prejudice and DiscriminationThose Requiring Special Care
Source:  BYM Faith & Practice, Part II The Queries


Christmas in July!  Lunch Fundraiser for Shoebox project on July 14 at rise of Meeting:   The more we raise, the more shoebox gifts we can give to homeless District residents in December.  Please help!  We are looking for soups, bread, cheese, salads and desserts.  Also we’d love to have a small artificial Christmas tree and Christmassy table cloths—and some volunteers to set up and clean upPlease contact J.E. McNeil,, about what you can bring. 

Loudon Film Festival screening of award-winning documentary on Quakers, July 20, 11:30
Filmmakers Janet Gardner and Richard Nurse of Princeton Friends Meeting write:  On Saturday morning July 20th at 11:30 a m the Loudon Film Festival in Chantilly Virginia will be screening our award-winning 78 minute feature documentary Quakers the Quiet Revolutionaries. For more info go to and, or call 703 960-1970

Pastoral Care Working Group will meet on July 28, 2019 from 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. All are welcome.  We will discuss Chapter 13, “Where Two or Three Are Gathered,” by Jane Brown, then Chair of Human Development, McGregor of Antioch University, Yellow Springs, OH, in the book edited by J. Bill Ratliff, Out of the Silence: Quaker Perspectives on Pastoral Care and Counseling (2001), available from Pendle Hill at  

Selected Pendle Hill Workshops and Lectures, July – September
Pendle Hill is in Wallingford PA, outside Philadelphia.  These include weekend workshops DC-area Friends may choose to travel for and some lectures that are being livestreamed. For more info contact Pendle Hill:  email:   Phone:  610-566-4507

The Spiritual Practice of Letting Go, weekend workshop with Stephanie Gretchen, July 26-28.

Visual Storytelling: The Transformative Art of Altered Book-Making, August 4-8: a short course with Arts and Spirituality Coordinator Jesse White invites you to tell your personal stories by creatively altering books in a safe and brave community of artists.

Good News for the Poor/Oppressed, First Monday lecture by Steve Davison, August 5, 7:30-9:00 pm:  The economics of redemption in the common-wealth of God—Jesus’ promise of economic liberation, his plan for its fulfillment, and its implications for us today. Free. Registration required for livestreaming.

The Challenge of Paul, August 16-18Francisco Burgos will facilitate a weekend workshop on the Apostle Paul, the first Christian theologian and often-controversial figure, using material developed by New Testament and early Christian historian John Dominic Crossan.

Journey Toward Wholeness seasonal retreat with Valerie Brown and John Baird, September 13-15:    First of a four-part seasonal retreat series based on the work of Parker Palmer and the Center for Courage and Renewal led by Valerie Brown and John Baird. These retreats are particularly helpful to those in transition.  Register by August 31 for a $100 discount on the fee for the series.

Thinking About Race

Anti-racism activities will offer our communities opportunities for connection and growth. In her chapter ‘Not Somewhere else, but here: the struggle for racial justice as a struggle to inhabit my country’ Rebecca Parker imagines anti-racist activism as a spiritual practice that can enable us to reclaim our humanity from a life of “numbness and disengagement.” *

This challenge may feel overwhelming, but it is necessary and presents opportunities for growth. We need to unlearn behaviours and assumptions we have as part of a group with privilege. We need to discover seeking racial justice as a spiritual practice.

QCEA Assistant Clerk (vice-chair) and Swiss Quaker Rorie Nazareth says, “It would be interesting to think of the spiritual practice in two ways. One is developing the capacity of self-awareness, as in talking about racism, makes me deeply uncomfortable, defensive, angry, etc.  Second is looking a working towards the structures that enforce equality as well as the internal, unconscious biases that drive the attitudes of racism that can persist even when there are laws against it.”

*Soul Work: Antiracist Theologies in Dialogue, edited by Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley and Nancy Palmer Jones, 171-198. Boston: Skinner House, 2003.

Source: From Race and Privilege in Europe, published by the Quaker Council on European Affairs (QCEA)

Anti-racism as a spiritual practice (p. 65).  This column is prepared by the BYM Working Group on Racism (WGR) and sent to the designated liaison at each local Meeting.  The BYM WGR meets most months on the third Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Locations vary to allow access to more Friends.  If you would like to attend, on a regular or a drop-in basis, contact clerk David Etheridge,



Friends Meeting of Washington
Monthly Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Query for Worship Sharing:  What does pride mean to you?

Clerk’s Report, June 2019

In Memoriam

  • Susan Lepper’s memorial will be held on July 27 at 2:00 pm in the Meeting House.
  • Hilda Findley-Knier’s memorial meeting date has changed. It will be on Sunday, July 28 at 1:00 pm in Quaker House Living Room.

Upcoming Events

  • On Saturday, June 22, there will be a Washington Interfaith Network field day to learn from residents in Southeast about their hopes and dreams for development in Reservation 13. To sign up and for more information, contact Debby Churchman,
  • On Thursday, June 27, The Asylum Seeker on Your Doorstep:  FMW’s tenant Asylum Seeker Assistance Project (ASAP), offers assistance to asylum seekers from all over the world. The Peace & Social Concerns committee is offering an opportunity to get to know them and their work better. You will meet staff members and asylees, learn their stories and how you can help. Meet at their office on Thursday, June 27 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Refreshments will be offered. For information & to RSVP, contact: Debby Churchman, email:

Kudos & FMW Community Highlights

  • On June 1, FMW’s Change Group for Racial Equity hosted the local Theatre Action Group (TAG) This playful, interactive, participatory theatre experience gave us the space for learning, reflection, and empathy building around race. The experience was dynamic, engaging, ethically rigorous, and fun space where each participant shared their own voice, story, perspectives, and wisdom.  We met TAG leaders during the BYM Racial Justice trainings earlier this year, conducted by Dr. Amanda Kempt, and were grateful to host them. Many thanks to the 10 people who participated. If you are interested to join the Change group or learn more about our work, please contact Betsy Bramon
  • LGBTIQ PRIDE event--On Saturday, June 8, we will meet at 3:30 at FMW to go together to the parade. On Sunday, our booth will be at Pennsylvania Ave. NW and 7th St.NW. The First Day School rainbow banner will be used for both.

Renovation Update

  • Asbestos removal is DONE.  Replacement of the water pipe that runs the length of the meeting house (above Kitchen, Assembly Room & administrative offices) is scheduled for Monday - Wednesday, June 10-12.  [That didn’t happen.  It’s now scheduled for July 11-12. –The Editor]


Major Business

Second Presentation of 2019-20 Budget

Trustees Report FY 2017-18  – Dan Dozier

Property Committee  – Merry Pearlstein

  • Update on  Bet Mishpachah synagogue
  • Consults:
  • Possible address change to 2111 Decatur ?
  • Banner on fence to share Images of new space w/the neighborhood ?
  • Should FMW become temporary home in Washington to Memorial Stone Honoring Civilian Casualties of War ?

 Committee of Clerks - Martha

  • Presents Minutes of March 2019 meeting (Attached.)

Marriage & Family Relations - second presentation of

  • Marriage of Amanda Nadeau and Charles Mayer
  • Marriage of Rachel Miller-Ziegler and Matt Higgins

Membership Committee - Rob Farr

  • First presentation of Joe D’Antonio
  • Second presentation of Katie Breslin

Nominations Committee

  • Request for approval of Alan Fawcett as co-clerk of Religious Education for one year ending 12/19


  1. Budget
  2. Trustees Report
  3. Committee of Clerks Minutes, 3.2019

1. FY 2020 Budget Summary





Trustees Report:



February, 2019

FMW’s overall financial position strengthened in FY 2017-18 (July 1, 2017– June 30, 2018).  FMW revenue from all sources increased to about $985 thousand.  Unrestricted contributions increased from about $388 thousand to about $460 thousand while restricted contributions remained about the same.  Our expenses decreased somewhat, from approximately $591 to $536 thousand.  We concluded FY18 with an increase in net assets of about $450 thousand, from about $3.6  to $4.1 million. This increase in net assets as was due to capital campaign contributions, capital improvements and investment income.


In FY18 Friends and attenders donated about $523 thousand, up from approximately $452 thousand, although unrestricted contributions remained about the same, at about $64 thousand. Our total revenue and support was $985 thousand. Space rental income  earned the Meeting about $247 thousand dollars, over $12,000 more than the previous fiscal year, and an additional $189 thousand was donated for specific special projects including the Simpson Scholarship, the Personal Aid Fund and the Shoebox Project.  Our investments had a net unrealized gains of about $100 thousand, about  $72 thousand less than FY17.


FMW FY18 total spending was about $536 thousand, about $56 thousand  less than  expenses of $591,198 in FY 17.  The largest change was a $40 thousand reduction in personnel and consultant costs. Program and site costs, as well as office expenses, also showed decreases.  Another large expenditure was our $64 thousand  apportionment, a contribution in support of Baltimore Yearly Meeting. In all, we realized a gain of about $450 thousand in net assets in FY 2018.


On June 27, 2017. the Meeting entered into a loan agreement with Sandy Spring Bank  in a maximum amount of $3.6 million and, carrying interest at a fixed rate of 4.35% per annum. Payments of interest-only are due through and including December 1, 2018, with the option to extend the interest-only period to May 1, 2019. Financing fees related to the loan were about  $54 thousand. As of June 30, 2018 and 2017, no funds had been drawn on the loan.


The value of the Meeting’s investment portfolio decreased in FY 2018, to about $1.9 million  from $2.2 million. This change was reflected in proportional decreases of all classes of investment and is due to stock market decreases during the year.


While interest and dividend income is slightly lower this year,  increased contributions to the Meeting offset this decrease for the most part. Rental income was up by $52 thousand, and rentals continue to be a major part of our operating revenue. 


The Meeting’s financial records are audited independently every third year and subjected to a review in the other two years.  No problems were identified by the auditors. Our financial review was considered satisfactory by the reviewing agency. 

Copies of FMW financial reviews and audits are available in the Library and are electronically on the  Meeting’s website at

The Trustees discussed, at the suggestion of the Meeting’s bookkeeper, whether the Meeting will incur unrelated business income tax (UBIT) due to our acquisition of a mortgage. In FY 2017-2018,Trustees began to research the potential UBIT, to be brought clarity in the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Trustees recognize and appreciate the assistance of the Finance and Stewardship Committee, the Capital Improvement Task Force, Former Bookkeeper Laurie Wilner, and our current and former Meeting Administrative Secretaries, Barbara Briggs and Debby Churchman, in preparing this report.

3.Minutes, Committee of Clerks meeting, 3.31.2019


  • Guidelines on Committee Memberships of Employees
  • Space use guidelines
  • Peace and Social Concerns: Email to monthly meetings in New Zealand

Present: Betsy Bramon, Virginia Avenesyan, Susan Griffin,  Rob Farr, Shannon Hughes, Rashid Darden, Gene Throwe, Ken Forsberg, Ken Orvis, Neil Froemming, Meg Greene, Gray Handley, Merry Pearlstein, Dan Dozier, Martha Solt, Bill Strein, Faith Williams, David Etheridge, Greg Robb, Brian Lutenegger, Krystin Sinclair, Debby Churchman

  1. Major Items
    1. Personnel Committee (Bill Strein)
      1. Annual Review of the Administrative Secretary

Personnel Committee presented the information they’d gathered from Clerks about the Administrative Secretary’s performance over the length of her tenure here. After some discussion, the Committee of Clerks agreed that her contract should be extended for another year.

  1. Guidelines on Committee Memberships of Employees – discussion deferred to a later time
  2. Property Committee (Merry Pearlstein & Brian Lutenegger)

Rental Guidelines & Bet Mishpachah Synagogue space sharing  (see attachment)

i.  Property Committee presented a rough draft of our rental guidelines. The Committee provided feedback and suggestions, which the Property Committee will take under consideration.

ii. Property Committee discussed a request from Bet Mishpachah Synagogue, an LGBT-friendly group, to use our Meetinghouse as their place of worship. CoC provided feedback.

c.                   Child Safety Committee (Virginia Avanesyan)  (Click here for two-page summary of child safety policy) Child Safety, in conjunction with Religious Education, feels a rising need to redouble our efforts on child safety. In particular, they feel led to provide greater transparency for parents who are new to our Meeting around the issue of sex offenders who may attend our Meeting.

To this end, they propose adding language to our current child registration form, stating that known or unknown sex offenders may be present in our midst, that we have policies around maintaining child safety on our campus, and that we are following those policies. They also propose maintaining a file on each sex offender known to attend the Meeting, and making that file available in the office. The CoC had a lively discussion around these proposals, whose details are still being hammered out. They agreed to an edited version of the registration form, and assigned the task of creating a template for the individual sex offender file to a joint meeting of Child Safety, Religious Education, and the Escort Committee.

Until that template can be finalized, the Child Safety Committee will maintain a list of members/attenders known to be on the local sex offender registry in the Administrative Secretary's office. Child Safety will review the current escort policy (in conjunction with the Escort Committee, Ministry & Worship, and Religious Education) and present any edits/changes/suggestions to Trustees for their review.

The following information was made available to Clerks in the agenda and attachments:

2.  Affirmations

a.  BYM Racial Justice Trainings & Change group launched at FMW!

b.  Visitor Welcoming at Rise of Meeting (Thank you, Marsha Holiday!)

c.  Peace and Social Concerns: Letter of support to New Zealand Monthly Meetings

d.  Others

3.  Announcements & Follow Up

a.  FMW participation in BYM Demographic Survey

b.  Hospitality Committee Revamp: Point of Contact Needed

c.  Pendle Hill Institute: Deepening Our Quaker Practice, **May 31-June 2 –

To enhance skills they need to serve meetings joyfully and confidently, focusing on religious education, eldering, pastoral care, clerking, and recording. Contact:610-566-4507 or           

  1. Ongoing:

i. Committee list updates: Please send updates to Nominating, Website, & Administrative Secretary.

ii. Committee outreach & institutionalization: Please continue your inventory (or creation!) of outreach documents, note taking & tracking of committee work. Try to do basic outreach to share with folks about the work of your committee! Peace and Social Concerns has a great example of a “millennial” note taking process and google drive use to share.

Personnel Committee Proposal re: Employees as ex officio Members of Supervising Committees
Background. At its 9/28/18 meeting the Committee of Clerks discussed issues surrounding FMW employees who are also members of the Meeting and serve on Meeting committees. The Minutes of this meeting show:

Committee clerks discussed the roles and expectations of staff and clerks, especially in some key areas where there is overlap, such as committee service, and Meeting for Worship with a Concern For Business. …There is currently no restriction on Administrative Secretary to serve on committees (as a member), and no unity to change it at this time. 

The Committee of Clerks also asked the Personnel Committee to: Develop a process to support Staff, especially the Administrative Secretary, to examine potential of conflict before they join committees in the future. The Personnel Committee discussed the Committee of Clerks’ request and, in partial response, offer the following proposal for a formal policy change. We assume that if the Committee of Clerks views this proposal positively, it would need to be presented to Meeting for Business for its approval.

Proposed Policy. FMW employees cannot be “ex officio” members of a committee that supervises that employee’s work. Nothing in this policy would prohibit such employees from serving in an advisory capacity to such committees, with the employee’s views being given due consideration by the supervising committee based on the employee’s knowledge, experiences and expertise. This policy would result in the following changes:

  • Remove the Property Manager and the Event and Rental Manager (where so listed) as “ex officio” members of Property and replace with listing as “advisor”, if so desired by Property.
  • Remove the Event and Rental Manager (where so implied) as “ex officio” member of Finance and Stewardship and replace with listing as “advisor”, if so desired by F & S.
  • Remove the Youth Coordinator(s) (where so listed) as “ex officio” members of Religious Education and replace with listing as “advisor”, if so desired by R.E.

Letter to New Zealand Friends Meetings Re:  the Recent Mosque Shootings

Dear Friends,

  We are writing in grief and shock to let you know that our Meeting is holding the New Zealand Friends meetings and all of those in your country in the Light, as you cope with the aftermath of the mass shootings at the mosques. As members of the Friends Meeting in Washington, DC, we know all too well the shock and range of feelings that come with such incidents. It is particularly abhorrent to find that this kind of rage-filled violence is being promulgated on people in a nation known for its peaceful culture.

  It strikes us that, as adherents of peace, your faith group must be particularly useful to your community at this time, as they struggle to re-establish the practice of peace in the face of violence. We write to offer whatever support you think might be useful, if you feel led to develop a response. We’d be happy to find research and individuals or organizations pertaining to dealing with the aftermath of mass shootings, for example, which may provide some ideas of how to best work through this kind of grief. Or we could ask our members to consider supporting any workshops or programs you feel led to offer your community. Please understand that we’re not suggesting you do anything in particular—we just didn’t want to say “if there’s anything we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to call.” We’re your American family. Tell us what you need now and how we can best support you, and we’ll do our best to help.

Sending love and Light,  Debby Churchman, on behalf of the Peace & Social Concerns Committee, Friends Meeting of Washington DC, USA

RESPONSE: Re: Holding you in the Light

Dear Debby, Thank you so much for your email. As current Clerk of the Northern Monthly Meeting (Auckland) it came to me initially and I have also now shared it with our YM Clerk Lesley Young who has been coordinating the messages Quakers in NZ have been receiving from Friends around the world. All of these are being sent to the Christchurch Quaker Community where our thoughts are currently focused. Events like the one we have just experienced can divide or unite a community, and at this time I'm very much of the mind that New Zealand is united against acts of inhumanity such  as this. It is at times such as this that we appreciate the unity of our "Quaker Family" and we were grateful to receive your loving and supportive message. As you stated in your email we are a nation known for its peaceful culture, and I'm personally confident that it will be to this end that we will be motivated as we move forward.

With Loving Greetings- Jim Flewitt on behalf of the Northern MM clerking team

Suggested Guidelines for Space Use at FMW

Draft – March 29, 2019


It is the general responsibility of FMW’s Property Committee to manage the Meeting’s physical property in accordance the Meeting’s wishes. The renovation project and the advent of additions to our staff have brought both expected and unexpected challenges and changes. Property wishes to memorialize and make transparent the following proposed policies for space use, taking into account the disparate needs of the community while also addressing our commitment to increase net rental revenue by an amount sufficient to contribute, along with contributions from the FMW community, to pay the mortgage (approximately $19,000 per month). [Note that by some accounts, the Property Committee is charged with raising just the interest payments on the loan, expected to be about $12,200 per month in the first year.] We invite Meeting review and comment on these guidelines, particularly those areas noted in red.

Recommendations for Remaining Period of Construction:

Except for certain non-profit groups with whom we already have relationships and who have experienced and understand our current challenges, we will not be entering into new event space use agreements for the duration of construction. We believe the resulting loss of revenue may be cost effective because it will reduce expensive construction delays and avoid negative reviews from disappointed space users whose expectations we may be unable to meet.

Proposed Rental Policies for FY 2020:

The following represent the Property Committee’s proposal regarding space use for the remainder of the current fiscal year, the next fiscal year ending June 30, 2020 and beyond. We will continually monitor actual experience and make periodic adjustments as we deem necessary.

General Expectations and terms:

Who is responsible for booking space use?

All space use on the FMW campus must be added to the Meeting’s Google calendar by the Event Rental Manager or Administrative Secretary. Except for regularly scheduled committee meetings or other internal Meeting activities, the Event and Rental Manager or the person acting on their behalf when they are out of the office will be responsible for booking space use and entering such bookings into the calendar.

Staff persons, including event hosts (see definition below), are authorized to ask anyone using event space without permission, authorization, or anyone causing a disturbance, to vacate the premises.

Types of Users:

Space users generally fall into four categories: “Internal” users are persons who are members, regular attenders or persons otherwise affiliated with the Meeting, or FMW committees or task forces. “External” users are persons and groups unrelated to FMW. Hybrid groups (external users holding events which are sponsored by an internal group such as a Meeting committee) constitute yet a third type, as do our long-term licensees (tenants) who occasionally use event space for special meetings or events under the terms of their license agreements.

Security Deposits:

All space users except FMW members, committees or task forces and committee-sponsored groups for which the sponsoring committee assumes responsibility for damages will provide a security deposit to cover any damage incurred to the property during their use, any extension of their event beyond the contracted time, or any extraordinary cleaning needed as a result of their space use. 

Event Hosts:

We use the term “Friendly Office Presence” to describe persons who volunteer as office resources for internal events. A paid “Event Host” will be required for external space use, except for events occurring in their entirety during regular office hours (when Meeting staff will perform this function). The cost of the event host will typically be included in the rental fee. For committee-sponsored events and other internal events only, the sponsor may supply a trained volunteer rather than pay for an event host and will be responsible for informing the Event Rental Manager of the identity of the event host.

Rental Rates:

The Property Committee and the Event and Rental Manager are currently studying the rates our competitors charge for meeting and event space as well as for weddings and other celebrations. It is understood that our event use rates, which have remained artificially low for years, will be adjusted post-construction when we will be able to offer more attractive, secure, environmentally responsible and accessible venues.

Although we believe it is appropriate that external users share the increased cost of our expanded and improved spaces, we expect to continue to offer a range of rates reflecting reductions for non-profit, government and educational groups, as well as rate reductions for repeat users.

Communications with space users: Persons and entities who use event space at FMW free of charge or at discounted rates will be informed of the market value of the use of spaces they contract to use.

Categories of Space Use and Proposed Terms:

Meetings for Worship, including those with Concern for Business, Spiritual Formation Groups, Bible Study Groups, Book Discussion Groups, the Shoe Box Project, BYM-related Events such as Interim Meeting, etc. will continue to be accommodated free of charge. The Property Committee asks that those responsible for these gatherings communicate their space needs with the Administrative Secretary or Event and Rental Manager as far in advance as possible. Since we anticipate minimal demand for space use by external groups on Sundays, we encourage committees and task forces to continue scheduling their meetings on First Days where possible.

FMW Committee and Task Force Meetings will continue to be housed on campus free of charge. Clerks are urged to schedule monthly meetings with the Administrative Secretary or Event and Rental Manager as far in advance as possible, keeping in mind that First Days are less in demand by external groups than other days.

Ad hoc groups such as clearness committees, groups meeting informally to plan the formation of a task force, and similar gatherings reflective of Friends’ practice will be accommodated at no charge assuming space is available. Persons organizing these gatherings should schedule them with the Administrative Secretary or Event and Rental Manager as early as possible.

Committee-sponsored events which may involve outside speakers, films, etc.: Many FMW committees   such as Peace and Social Concerns, Ministry and Worship, the Working Group on Racism, etc. hold occasional workshops or events featuring films or lectures for the Meeting community. Property Committee anticipates and will make space available free of charge for these committee- or task force-sponsored events approximately once per quarter for any committee who requests it. Committee clerks should request space use for those events up to two months in advance and are encouraged to try to schedule them on First Days, where possible.

“Incubator” Space use by fledgling outside non-profit groups with whom FMW or one or more of its committees may wish to partner:  Property Committee proposes to make one space available free of charge for use by “one or more “incubator organizations” for the equivalent of one 8-hour day a month (alternatively two 4-hour sessions). Friends should understand that the lost opportunity cost of such space use could be approximately $7,500 or more per year depending on the space. Clerks of appropriate committees or other FMW persons wishing to partner with these organizations are asked to bring requests for such proposed space use to the attention of the Event and Rental Manager and/or Property Committee for review and approval. Incubator space use arrangements and policies should be reviewed at least annually.

Hospitality for Friends Coming to Attend Major Events:  Property may accommodate requests by groups coming to Washington to attend major events such as the Women’s March, if space is available. (We will hold space open for anticipated special events coinciding with quadrennial Presidential Inaugurations, and other major events that can be identified well in advance.) Any such outside groups will need committee or Meeting support, as has been the case in the past, and must provide security deposits and pay the costs of any needed event hosts if not supplied by the sponsoring committee.

Al-Anon: We will continue indefinitely the current arrangement with Al-Anon for use of space for weekly, one-hour meetings for which they pay $5 per month. However, we reserve the right to move this meeting to a different space if needed to accommodate other groups who are able to pay more. The lost opportunity cost of this is approximately $12,000 at our current market rates.

Memorial Meetings: Many Friends are surprised to learn that, since the height of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s, it has been the Meeting’s policy to offer the use of the Meeting Room, if available, for up to two hours for memorial services free of charge, regardless of the deceased’s relationship with the Meeting. [Do Friends wish to continue this service? If so, do your approve our informing the survivors of the value of the space being made available and encouraging them to make a donation to the Meeting?].  If the deceased or a member of his or her immediate family is a member of the Meeting, the family may also host a reception at FMW free of charge, although they will be asked to post a security deposit, pay the cost of an event host, and pay the $1,000 surcharge if they choose to serve alcohol at the reception.  If no member of the bereaved family is a member of FMW, survivors will be expected to pay market rates for the use of the reception space. [Do Friends wish to alter or ease this policy on receptions to address issues of penury and/or liquidity challenges arising from an individual’s unexpected or untimely death?]

Weddings:  The Property Committee anticipates that weddings will be a major source of event rental income once renovations are complete. Although most couples will be charged market rates for the use of the meeting room and reception space for up to eight hours on the wedding day and the Meeting Room only for up to two hours for a rehearsal the night before, discounts may be available for Meeting members, long-term attenders and other persons who seek to be married under the care of the Meeting. [Are Friend comfortable with this arrangement? If so, what discounts should be offered?]

External Rentals – Aspirational Target Proportions:  Although past rentals to external users have been overwhelmingly to persons or non-profit groups who have paid well below (typically no more than 50% of) market rates, the Property Committee hopes to gradually (over the next 3 to five years) increase the proportion of market rate rentals to approximately 50% of total rentals. Since past space use has never even approached capacity, this should enable us to continue to serve most if not all of the non-profit, government and educational groups or individuals who have been paying on a sliding scale. Once the 50% target is attained, spaces designated for but not reserved by market rate groups two months in advance will then be made available to non-profit external groups at appropriate discounts. The Property Committee will review and periodically alter this arrangement if needed to meet our financial obligations.

Use of Event Space by our Licensees (tenants): Under the terms of their license agreements, our long-term tenants in Carriage House and Quaker House have limited rights to reserve space for board meetings and other events if space is available. Property Committee is currently evaluating and may alter the terms of that space use, which will be clearly communicated to our licensees.

Gray areas:   Some groups initiated by Meeting members or attenders in the past are neither sponsored by an FMW committee nor open to the Meeting community but have used space at the meetinghouse without charge for several years. One such group’s weekly use represents a lost opportunity cost of approximately $11,500 a year at our current market rates. We solicit input regarding this use of FMW space and ask that such groups who now enjoy free meeting space consult with the Event and Rental Manager and the Property Committee to discuss their arrangements going forward.

External Events on First Days:  It will be Property’s policy not to rent space to external users on Sundays before 1:30 p.m. (3:00 pm on First Days when meetings for worship with concern for business are scheduled). 

Other: The Property Committee will continue its practice of donating 10% of the portion of rental income designated as the “alcohol surcharge” to local groups who work to mitigate the effects of alcohol abuse in our society.