Weekly Announcements, 8.26, 2018

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"Quakersim is not intended to be a refuge from the disturbing events of our times, but rather a source of strength and support in facing them. The relationships, decisions, and actions of our working lives should reflect a calling to the service of God. Our witness will be unconvincing unless we seek and heed Divine Guidance. Individual leadings vary with differences in talents and interests. Each Friend’s talents, however, should be fully used.” – BYM Faith and Practice



Quaker House

9 am


Marriage & Family Relations


12 pm

Pastoral Care Book Group

North Room

9:15 am


Hospitality Ctte

Decatur Place Room

12 pm


Quaker House, Meeting Room

10:30 am




6 pm



Today: Fibre Party cancelled today, as the convener is traveling.


Sept. 1: Help make breakfast for our vulnerable neighbors. Convene at 6:15 am at So Others Might Eat. For more information, contact Tim Schleicher at timothy.c.schleicher@gmail.com


Sept. 5: Help make sandwiches for the Grate Patrol to take to our vulnerable neighbors, starting at 5:00 pm. For more information, contact Alan W. Field" alanwfield@gmail.com or Louisa Terrell, louisa.terrell@gmail.com


Sept. 14 – 16: FMW has reserved Camp Catoctin the weekend of September 14-16. It should be glorious--lagoon swimming AND the start of fall leaves. Please join us. For more information, contact Anita Drever, anita.drever@gmail.com


September 14 – 16:  Spiritual Formation Program Fall Retreat, Shepherd's Spring Retreat Center (Sharpsburg, MD)   www.bym-rsf.org/events/spiritform/. For more information and to join others from FMW who plan to attend, please contact John Bluedorn at johnbluedorn@gmail.com.


September 16: The Sanctuary Taskforce will hold a bake/craft/silent auction sale in support of the Capital Area Immigrant Rights Coalitions, which works with local detainees and asylum seekers. We have a goodly supply of things/experiences to sell, but need help generating demand. Can you help us spread the word? Please contact the office, admin@quakersdc.org for more info.


Head of Meeting


Aug. 26: Hospitality; Sept. 2: Ad Hoc