Weekly Announcements, March 28, 2019

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"O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another.                             

- Surah Al-Hujuraat [49:13] Quran



Quaker House

9:00 am


New Member Welcome


12:00 pm

Committee of Clerks

Decatur Place Rm

9:15 am


BYM Women’s Retreat Planning Committee

Terrace Room

12:00 pm

Records & Handbook


10:30 am


Friends Fiduciary on Soc Responsible Investing

Decatur Place Rm

12:30 pm



10:30 am




6:00 pm


Meeting Room

10:30 am






New Members’ Welcome Reception!  Join us at Rise of Meeting this Sunday (3/31). 

FRIENDS FIDUCIARY talk: Socially Responsible Investing, this Sunday, 3/31, 12:30 p.m.  
How does Friends Fiduciary invest with Quaker values for Quaker organizations—and how can you?  Sponsored by Peace & Social Concerns and Young Adult Friends. For more information, Contact: Chad Dobson: cdobson46@gmail.com

Listening & the Light Yoga & Guided Meditation, Saturday, April 6, 2:30 pm What is really going on with you? What questions are you holding in your heart right now? Use transformative power of yoga to prepare for meditation, and a Quaker technique to find our inner guide. At Lotus Lounge, 3915 16th St. S. Arlington. For more info: Debby Churchman, dchurchm@yahoo.com.  To sign up, click here. (Free) 

Environmental Stewardship for All, Friends Committee on National Legislation, April 10, 6:30 p.m.

Join FCNC’s Emily Wirzba and other Quaker changemakers for panel on environmental stewardship—how Friends are bringing environmental concerns to Congressional offices.  At FCNL’s Quaker Welcome Center, 245 2nd St, NE (and livestreamed).  To register go to:  fcnl.org/qwc

Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology, May 24-27.  The Mystical and Spiritual Dimensions of Trauma and Healing, with Plenary Speaker, Donald Kalsched, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst.  Held at Pendle Hill, Wallingford, PA.  Please visit our web site: http://fcrp.quaker.org/ for more information and/or to register.  Space is limited.

Pendle Hill Institute: Deepening Our Quaker Practice, May 31-June 2 – An institute where Friends can enhance the skills they need to serve their meetings joyfully and confidently, focusing on religious education, eldering, pastoral care, clerking, and recording.  Contact:  610-566-4507 or info@pendlehill.org

Head of Meeting
March 31:  Personnel       April 7:  Hunger & Homelessness


First Day School begins at 10:30 each Sunday. If you come later than 10:30, please stay a moment with your child to help them settle into the class. Children in FDS are reunited with their parents in the final minutes of Meeting for Worship.

Points of Contacts for First Day School:  Shannon Hughes (shannughes@gmail.com) and Michael Beer at FMWYouthProgram@gmail.com or 703-655-5655.

Child Care is available for parents needing a respite during worship. Children age 0 to 4 will be lovingly tended in the Decatur Place Room from 10:20 am to Noon on Sunday. Please contact Michael Beer at FMWYouthProgram@gmail.com for any child care related questions. Child Care is also available for all ages of children during events on our campus upon request.

FMW is pleased to offer an opportunity to families who would like to have the Meeting officially welcome their children into our community. Anyone interested in such a welcoming, please contact Gray Handley, handleygr@niaid.nih.gov


Meeting for Worship 9:00 AM Sunday.  Held in the Quaker House Living Room, this Meeting for Worship has a special invitation to silence seekers. "Quietness enough not only to know our own minds, but to listen to the still small voice."  Child care is not available.  

Meeting for Worship 6:00 PM Sunday. Held in the Parlor, this Meeting for Worship offers a sustaining opportunity for worship at the end of the weekend. Child care is not available.

Mid-Week Meeting for Worship, Tuesday, 6:00 PM in the Parlor. Persons seeking to worship during the week should consider this Meeting. Child care is not available.


The FMW webpage is available at www.quakersdc.org  To access the non-public pages, the log-in ID is FMW– the password is Discern. To join the FMW Listserv, or to be included in the Meeting’s Online Directory, send an e-mail to: admin@quakersdc.org  To phone the Meeting Office, call 202.483.3310.    To use WiFi in the Meetinghouse, the network is FMW and the password is simplicity. The Meeting’s Facebook page is www.facebook.com/FriendsMeetingOfWashington.

Young Adult Friends - Anyone interested in learning about Young Adult Friends at FMW or who would like the join the YAF list-serve, please contact Rebecca Nelson (rebecca@americasolidaria.org). Young adults are between the ages of 18 and 40ish.

Martha’s Table needs nonperishable food items on an ongoing basis.  Donations are collected in the basket near the Meeting House’s Decatur Pl entrance. For more info call Pam Callard (202) 829-9577.

Personal Aid is looking for gift cards for grocery stores, Target, etc. These will be given to our vulnerable members and attenders as needed. Please contact Mary Melchior, email:  mulchness@gmail.com

If you have maintenance concerns about the FMW campus or identify accessibility issues, please contact Property Committee co-clerks Brian Lutenegger (734-255-6829 brian.lutenegger@gmail.com) and Merry Pearlstein (202-244-8777 or merrypearlstein@gmail.com). They will work with you to identify potential solutions.