Quaker Teacher

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The aim of the Quaker Teacher Page is to provide resource links for First Day School Teachers.

Balitmore Yearly Meeting Children's Religious Education Resource Page:


Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Childrens' Religious Education Resource Page:


Friends General Conference Faith & Play and Godly Page Resource Page:


Friends General Conference Religious Education Home Page:includes links to Religious Education newsletter and teaching resources


Resources for Children's Religious Education and Quaker Life: A review of all resources available from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's Religious Education Committee for First Day School teachers


Top Ten List for New Teachers: Practical and reflective suggestions to preparing for the unexpected journey that is First Day School.


Philadelphia Yearly Meetings First Day School Files: Here are files full of resources and information for sharing Quaker faith, practice and witness with younger Friends. Click on each topic to find a list of books, curricula or other resources such as websites and background information written for First Day School teachers. Topics include: Quaker faith, practice, simplicity, stewardship, peace, integrity, etc.


Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Religious Education Committee Curriculum Capsules:Clicking on links provided will take First Day School teachers to tables of Curriculum sorted by content, age level and by title Alphabeticaly.  Then click on the links in the tables to read detailed descriptions of the curricula published by the Religious Education Concerns Group of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, for children and young people. Within each description, teachers will find:

  • the general content, often by chapters
  • the ages for which the curriculum was written
  • the number of lessons
  • the amount of preparation time needed
  • the kinds of suggested activities 
  • the supplies or equipment needed